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Granada North West Today
And for completeness, the announcement by Paul Reid after MOTD last night.


Very curious about the design of this slide - it's very neat but equally looks quite old. I know BBC NI go to a bit more effort than the rest, but surely they didn't quickly design something like this? Is this a template for a special type of announcement we've just not seen before?

It looks like the BBC Two slide without any branding and the text moved to the centre, so it looks a bit empty. I imagine it was put together at short-notice so they just re-used the BBC Two template and changed a few things? As Jonny says the background is reminiscent of the 1997 BBC Two design but it's not the exact same one.


I would have thought if there was a template for an emergency slide it would look more like this example from BBC Wales, just with the new trail endboard background:

Jonny and Steve in Pudsey gave kudos