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The presenters on WECT just mentioned that staff who don't need to be in their building have been moved out, and the people working on the round-the-clock output are sleeping in the vacated offices (some of which have started to leak a bit).

A reporter mentioned earlier that he'd heard from a neighbour that a tree was down in his garden but it thankfully hadn't hit anyone's house.

A good reminder of how the local journalists are personally affected by the story they're covering - their professionalism is incredible under the circumstances.
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CNN International at 1000ET/1400GMT, just after a promo for iDesk coming next, however it's still a domestic simulcast, but a flipper at the bottom with info about Typhoon Mangkhut has been added this hour.

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Central (West) Midlands Today
Robyn Curnow (who would normally be on air with the International Desk now) with a Typhoon Mangkhut update on CNN International during the break in CNN's domestic coverage.


CNN US also having to balance the Manafort coverage, being presented from New York.
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WCTI NEW BERN, NC was evacuated. The station started to the flood and they sent the other reporters and anchors to other sites. But the 2 meteorologists stayed behind alone at the station to keep doing to what they could to keep informing the public. WOW!

Here the meteorologists sign off before leaving the station.

Apparently now they have a back up site established and the entire crew is all back together but is shows the commitment these little tiny stations have to keep their communities safe. Apparently New Bern is inundated with flood waters. The situation is pretty bad there.

Remember all these stations have been in rolling coverage all night and still are going. Pretty impressive.
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