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Shaun Linden2,893 posts since 9 Nov 2005
Sky News and BBC News 24 - the news is always rolling and developing from day to day - just wondered how many hours you watch the news channels in a day and why?

I will normally flick to it now and again, on the look out for breaking news, but i dont tend to watch a full hour. The main reason is in one hour - you will hear the same top story about 6times over, you dont tend to get anything new.

Fox News Live - now i dont always agree with Fox, but FNL is fast paced, fresh, always live reports ect, i think its very good.
Moz5,557 posts since 4 Jan 2003
I wont watch more than an hour unless there's breaking news. However, if there's nothing else on, I'll have it on in the background as long as I'm at home, while I'm reading, listening to music or doing other stuff. I'll also watch a complete hour at least twice an evening if I'm in.

I'm a bit of a news junkie, as well as being interested in pres, so I probably do watch too much!

Won't touch Fox though. As I said, I like news - not American flag-waving lies.
Shaun Linden2,893 posts since 9 Nov 2005
Ah kool, because Big Brother is on at the moment, im always watching that..but when its not i have Sky News or News 24 on when im on the pc - talk about wasting elecy, i also leave the news channel on overnight, as i tend to wake up during the night, and have caught some big breaking stories in the past.
r2ro1,469 posts since 1 Jan 2005
I always watch N24 in the mornings (Breakfast) for at least half an hour a day and then normally watch a further half hour to an hour of N24 at some point in the afternoon or evening.
If I'm not at work then I will watch N24 normally for about two hours (until Breakfast finishes) and then probably watch a further half hour to an hour of N24 later on.

It's always BBC News though!