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Whataday10,457 posts since 13 Sep 2001
HTV Wales Wales Today
We all have favourite theme tunes and some brief chatter in another thread got me looking at some news themes, and I was wondering what makes the perfect TV news tune.

I nominate as my favourite, HTV Wales Tonight 1997...

Yes, the titles were strikingly similar to those of How Do They Do That, but we'll let that pass.

Not only does it have that classic news-style beat in the background, it is entirely relevant to the area it served: a clever mashup of the National Anthem of Wales and Men of Harlech - no doubt a nod to the H in HTV as well as being a traditional Welsh tune in its own right. Throw into this a grand orchestral sound (this being introduced in the year Wales voted for devolution - it was cool to be Welsh and pompous) and I think it's a pretty perfect, well thought out News theme.

*The above clip is a clean version - on air the pomp continued with a booming announcement introduction "THE NATIONAL NEWS OF WALES"

VMPhil10,085 posts since 31 Mar 2005
Granada North West Today
My favourite regional news theme is still London Tonight circa 2002. It has all the grandiosity that you expect for a news programme in the capital, and I love the swoosh effect on the map near the end with the bonus smooth transition to the studio. Perfectly over the top. And Londoners got to have the brilliant Carlton idents too. Lucky so and sos.

seamus1,650 posts since 24 Apr 2006
I think my favorite theme would have to be WNBC's 2003-2008 theme. It's bombastic but still graceful, and pretty fitting for New York. It also effectively integrates the NBC Chimes of G-E-C, without being super intrusive like other NBC themes.

Below is a clean version, the segment at 0.24 is absolutely stunning.

I've also had a soft spot for these themes:

CBC's The National 2003

RTÉ News 2003-2006:

These titles are absolutely atrocious, and the theme could have done without the electronic swooshes, but I think the melody is very strong and memorable.
mark1,664 posts since 27 Jun 2001
London London
A relatively short-lived one that I doubt many people will remember, but I always loved it...

Also, possibly the least newsy news theme of all time, which I absolutely love...

And am I allowed to sneak in a radio one (from 1:02, where it switches to London Newstalk)...?

mdtauk6,342 posts since 4 Jan 2003
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These may be considered a little too modern for this thread, but if it is classic "traditional" news themes, my favourites are

Sky News - Vote 2001

And the full original 5 News theme from 1999

If these are too modern, then perhaps

BBC Breakfast News - 1994

and London (Weekend) Tonight
Mr Q722 posts since 17 Apr 2003
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I agree with Sky News' short-lived 2001 theme. I've also loved the mid-00s-early-10s TV2 Norway Nyhetene theme. Still disappointed by what replaced it a couple of years ago (also in the clip below).