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Sh1ruba Central (West) Midlands Today
Gamal has now been confirmed as the new presenter:

Hoping he can continue the legacy Tony left on the programme and its viewers.
Tony knew Gamal in his lifetime, so Tony would've been immensly honoured and proud to pass the torch onto him.
DE88 and alexjac0788 gave kudos
nwtv2003 Granada North West Today
Gamal’s first bulletin is on Monday.
Otis Crump
They closed the programme with a live two way with him. He was somewhere in Stockport, I think he hinted close to where he's living.
Towielad Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
Gamal presented the lunchtime Granada Reports like he’s never been away!
South Today, DJ Dave and Ben Shatliff gave kudos
Brekkie Wales Wales Today
Gamal seems to fit in very well.
Be nicer and more tolerant to each other. Them's the rules.
Gary McEwan Central Reporting Scotland
Has anyone got his first bulletin from 6pm?
CraigWills and Ballyboy gave kudos
Ben Shatliff Granada North West Today
Gamal doing a fantastic job and he and Lucy work very well together.
London Lite and DJ Dave gave kudos
VMPhil Granada North West Today
Has anyone got his first bulletin from 6pm?

Unfortunately I didn't record his first programme, but as nobody else has either I thought I'd post this bulletin I recorded from Thursday night just to give anyone outside Granadaland an example of him presenting it in the first week.

I have had to use YouTube's editor to cut out a 15 second long(!!) clip of a Premier League match during the sport section otherwise it would have been blocked worldwide.

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