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Granada North West Today
Which of the Granada Reports eras do you like most ?
- 2001 - 2003
-2003 - 2004
-2005 - 2006

Personally I think the 2003 - 2004 era was best. The titles and theme music was great and so was the studio.
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dbl posted:
For me it's the packages pre-2001 to 2004.

Was that the one with the red check chairs? I quite liked that look too, but I think this one is the best one, it managed to suit both non serious and serious stories unlike the one before it (metallic/pine one) although that was nice too.


But going off topic, I was shocked to hear that Sarah Elliot had been axed due to cost cutting. She was a rubbish reporter but she was a really good presenter I thought, they could have definitely picked someone else.
JJ314 posts since 13 Jan 2009
Granada North West Today
They are the granada titles and studio. I never knew Sarah had been axed. She hasn't been on for ages.
On another note, do you think Lucy will be presenting the main national news soon. She wasn't on Granada Reports tonight, usually an indication that she will be on the national news.
Or she is having a few days off, after doing this weeks Granada Reports, aswell as the Weekend News and Granada Reports last week.
Tom0735 posts since 16 Dec 2007
Usually when Mary is down to do the lunchtime news (like tomorrow) its Lucy that does it and then does the weekend bulletin, so its probably quite likely.
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The 2001-2004 set and format was my personal favourite. It had a slightly erratic format though. Anthony Wilson and Lucy meacock sometimes presented together, other nights one or the other would present on their own- it was as if the other couldn't be bothered to turn up or something!
The shorter bulletins would sometimes be presented from the old continuity studio, and otehr times from the main news studio, with no apparent reason for this.
Baffling, but it was a stronger programme then than now. I still miss Anthony R.I.P.
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Granada North West Today
I am around, after being called.

I did not know abour Sarah Elliot and it is a greta shame. Sarah was good at presenting because she was down-to-earth.

I am pleased to see Kerri Eldridge present more news.

And yes, great to see Lucy doing more ITV News.
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Granada North West Today
Two things tonight, Granada has gained a new reporter, can't remember her name, but she reported the top story.

Second thing, probably more important, Granada Weather is back in Manchester after 10 years in Leeds. Jo Blythe will be presenting on Weekdays and Fred Talbot returns to Weather at Weekends.

AIUI Jo said goodbye on Yorkshire Weather a few weeks ago, but stayed on Granada, so this is alright for us guys on this side of Pennines. Cool
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