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So sounds like This Morning : This Week is going to be like the weekend version of this morning we used to get a few years ago
Thats The Weather For Now *Nod* *Point Hand*

"Good Evening and here is an illustrated summary of the news it will be followed by the latest film of events and happenings home and abroad"
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Well they claimed it was live streamed as it aired in the UK.


Hmm - that's a bit dodgy.

The Edinburgh Tattoo BBC coverage is recorded over a couple of nights I believe and then edited, and rather than as-live commentary I believe they do post-even commentary in a VO suite.

The show went out on Monday Aug 27th (August Bank Holiday - a public holiday in the UK) on BBC One, as it appears it did on BritBox, but the Tattoo itself ran from 3rd-25th August, so had finished before the show TXed. (I believe the recordings were made approx 10 days earlier...)

The show may have been streamed on BritBox at the same time it was shown in the UK, but the event coverage wasn't live...
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UTV Newsline
The summer school break is earlier in Scotland, ending in mid-August. Not sure if that is the reason or as a result of or just coincidence.

From the bank holiday act of 1871 until 1971, the August bank holiday was always on the first Monday of August. However in 1971, the government decided to change it and move to to the last Monday in August, as this was the final weekend before most schools and colleges started their academic year. There was a five year trial period before 1971, where the bank holiday was shifted, for example in 1968 it was on the first Monday of September. But it was fixed in 1971 to what we have now. Scotland, decided the early August holiday was better for their academic year, and the government allowed them to keep the first Monday in August holiday instead, in line with the Republic of Ireland.
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The first episode of This Morning week appeared on BritBox Sunday morning. It was a 45 min long summary of the weeks programming. The show was tightly edited, they even edited each segment. So like the bread baking segment was edited for time and the interviews were edited as well. Each day has a special wipe that indicated which day it aired. They created a special close from the Friday presenters thanking BritBox viewing for watching and to tune in next Sunday. It was well edited, but i sorta came away feeling I missed somethings. Not a a bad effort.
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The first edition of GMB on Britbox was posted. Its an edited 45 min program. The headline sequence is different. Its just the theme music and the headlines. Then the opening plays. The aston is slightly amended. Underneath the GMB teardrop logo is a black rectangle with the Britbox logo. The weather bar is unchanged. The uses the moving bar wipe to transition between stories. They ran the opening banter/Wipe/Labour Brexit interview/Wipe/News headline story about obesity causing cancer/Iceland volcano update/Tiger Woods story/ Wipe/Piers Interview w Symon Dyson about Tiger/Rejoin banter to Nigel Farage interview cut short/Rejoin banter more Firage,Campbell,Alister Campbell/"Goes to Break"/Wipe/Weather/Wipe/Banter then Richard Arnold story about BodyGuard stunt/Wipe/Craig Revel Horwood interview/ Interview cut short/wipe/ theme music and the reversed blurred tracking shot of the desk used in the open/wipe to full screen graphic that shows the GMB logo over the Thames from the opening and the words See You Tomorrow.

Not bad effort. A bit chopply edited. No proper full headline news segment with Charlotte (I think thats her name). I forgot how annoying Piers can be and how he completely dominates Suzanna Reid. Now I can see why they dont work 5 days a week.
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