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Britbox is joint venture streaming service across North America between ITV and BBC (with slight programming variations per country). Starting Sept 24 Good Morning Britain will be streamed for North American audiences.

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Its a streaming service so getting up at 1am is unlikely and not what they are expecting people to do. Remember Britbox is a North American service. Not just USA. Emmerdale, Corrie, Eastenders etc are all same-day posted to the service around 4pm ET. So likely after GMB and This morning have gone out they will then be posted several hours later to the service most likely 7 or 6am ET time for people to watch when they get up. Though BritBox has live streamed some programmes. Royal Wedding, the Edinburgh Tattoo etc.
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It doesn't say it will be streamed live. For those who can't be bothered to read the article...

BBC and ITV-owned streaming service Britbox has struck a deal to air GMB, packaging together the breakfast show with fellow ITV programme This Morning for a weekly recap titled “This Morning: This Week”.

It's a (EDIT not weekly) best of compilation
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Well if does stream live at the time it airs, which the service has the capability to do, it will also likely capture it daily for a VOD playback when people wakeup. Not really an issue.
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