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GMTV and BBC confirm that Steve Irwin has died at 44

first reported at 6am (September 2006)

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richard h
GMTV have reports that steve irwin has died in a marine accident whilst filming a programme in the great barrier reef. Its understod a stingray barb piereced his chest according to gmtv.

BBC intrerview: his chest was piereced by a stingray barb and he was stung in the heart and died at the scene.
Very sad news.

A controversial daredevil eccentric, Steve Irwin did an immense amount of good for the endangered wildlife of Australia. He so clearly had respect and sensitivity for the species he interacted with, beneath the surface level bravado. Arguably a risk taker setting a bad example to the susceptible, through the power of his enthusiastic television work he nonetheless succeeded in making rare wildlife fascinating to a young audience in his charismatic and inimitable way.
Very sad for one of the most popular person in australia...
Roger Mellie
Sorry to be pedantic, but:

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