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Rules Published (December 2009)

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Mike W
BBC Midlands Today's Nick Owen just got caught out by a microphone being left on. During the pre-titles two way at the start of their 6:30pm show, he had to keep looking down at his script. Once the show had started, he could he heard saying "Did that look awful?"

BTW, Is that a broadcaster's helicopter over the Birmingham site or the police?

That is WMAO-2. Aka West Midlands Police's second helicopter.
Adam Boulton on Sky has just said that Dimbleby will be moderating the debate on one side of the university before dashing across to the other side to present QT. From that I take it they have separate studios.

The Daily Mail will be sharpening their pencils then - not only have they spent money on one set, they've spent money on another too!

By the way, when it comes to the rules of the debates does OFCOM (and now the BBC Trust) actually have any jurisdiction over them?
Interesting to see BBC HD has BBC News listed between 10pm and 11.30pm.
Animated backdrop is so distracting!!
Col Mustard
aarrgghh...very sorry BEEB chums, but less than 2 minutes in, I can't watch anymore.
What is going on with that backdrop?
mmm... I like that set tonight! It looks good, it animates slow enough not to be distracting.
I notice that the media centre are getting a feed directly from the debate rather than a feed of BBC One or BBC News. Last week, Sky just provided a feed of Sky News. What will the studio feed show after the debate? No off the record comments, I hope.
Dave Founding member
Interesting to see BBC HD has BBC News listed between 10pm and 11.30pm.

The Virgin TV guide has Damages at 10pm and Torchwood at 10:40 but this does come via a separate TV company wheras Sky's comes direct from the BBC I think.
Has to be said tonight's set is by far the most impressive. Sky's felt cheap and tacky on the inside (where it matters) but impressive from the outside (those animations on the theatre were amazing at points). ITV's did feel a bit cheap and dated, but felt far bigger professional than Sky's, who felt like they'd just rented a theatre for the night...

The only thing that I don't like about tonight's is in the wide shots the screen seems so small - I guess that's just the problem with being in such a big, impressive hall.

Anyone know if the backdrop will be the look and feel of the BBC's election night coverage?
Has the sound on gone to cock or is something up my end?
Dave Founding member
Have all the debates been shown on CNN?
From this shot it looks like the BBC have made a better looking set than the others.

And lots of licence fee payers' money to spend.

...and ITV & Sky have lots of advertisers' money to spend. It's a shame they decided not to use a bit more on the sets for their debates.

With Sky's added benefit of subscriptions, and yet they had that set :shudders: Why Rupert, Why?:

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