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seamus21514 posted:
I forget where this was, but someone ment to say organism but said something else. I think you get what I mean.

Can't remember that on the news but I can remember it on Blockbusters (when Bob Holness presented it) in the early 90s.
seamus1,645 posts since 24 Apr 2006
Well in america they have the funniest live tv moments, and most of them are british, like the preson on gmtv getting bit by a dog, and I think a itv announcer breaking into a coughing fit.
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There's just been one on Look East tonight...

The sports and weather was presenting from a beach where there are lots of sand sculptures. Someone had the bright idea of letting them have a (plastic) football. Mike (the sports presenter) dribbled the ball on at the end of the weather and they moved back from the scultures as the ball rolled just over the barrier (rope barried). At the end of their bulliten they decided to try heading the ball between them... ...and it went onto one of the sand sculptures.

Fortunately for them it didn't appear to do any damage, though there was cries of "oh no" from the presenters on the beach and cringing from the studio. One for the out-takes folder I think.