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bkman19901,531 posts since 29 Jan 2012
UTV Newsline
Here is the current frequency. It came up twice on my satellite box yesterday. I got the info from Digital Spy.


27500 V

SID 52560

No audio is available so far on this current test. But the picture is up & currently looks great in HD. Smile
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TheTravelcard85 posts since 16 Aug 2018
All afternoon, there has been no live content or news bulletins on the English channel (HD&SD), it has just been reports on a loop, with 'Follow news 24/7 on France24.com/en' on a static newsbar. The French channel is operating normally though - any ideas why? Cannot find info on their media.
Richard985 posts since 22 Apr 2012
Granada North West Today
Watching France 24 English and the presenter (in Paris) is wearing a Royal British Legion Poppy. Now I know that poppies are worn in a number of countries; however this is specifically a British poppy. I am not criticising the wearing of it at all , but I do find it interesting because although this is an anglophone service, it isn't specifically a UK service, is it?

Do BBC World News presenters wear one?
AlexS850 posts since 19 Oct 2016
Central (East) Midlands Today
Only during simulcasts (which to me is the most confusing option when presenters are seen with it in some hours but not others on the same day).
EDIT: While the above was the case this evening it seems that some presenters are wearing them in some non-simulcast hours.