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24 million people watch GOP Debate (August 2015)

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Record setting 24 million people tuned in last night to see Donald Trump battle it out with the rest of the potential GOP election candidates. It is the highest non-sports cable program of all time, the highest-rated cable news program of all time and Fox News’s most-watched program ever.

Another outcome of the debate is that Megyn Kelly has reaffirmed herself as the face of Fox News after getting universal praise for her hard questioning of the candidates and especially Trump who went on to trash her on Twitter today.

Good times at FOX all around....
I think this belongs in the American News thread or the International News Presentation thread
Well there was a special FOX News thread and I tried posting there but it seemed to be closed, so I opened a new one. As a news channel it can have it's own, I think.
Fox News still has an ongoing investigation with OfCom over their "no go areas" piece after the Paris attacks in January.
ETP1 Forever
the highest-rated cable news program of all time

Lord help us Sad
WW Update
CNN and CNBC are probably happy with these numbers because they're hosting the next two Republican primary debates (in September and October respectively).

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