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BBC World News
I have a soft spot for that internationalist-French-synth-orchestral-pop sound, if you will.

I really liked the Euronews 2008 music. It had the perfect tone that struck the right balance of strings and electronic. I've never been able to track down who actually wrote it.


The franceinfo: music is great, and I'm also a big fan of the France 24 sound that debuted in late 2013:


One that's not typical of US television: WBZ in Boston from 2007. A guitar riff to grab your attention, a nice bed of music over the headlines, and then a very simple introduction read by the anchor over the open.


Here are the clean versions of France 24 news themes.

Le Journal / The News

Édition Spéciale / Special Report
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TV-am still a favourite of mine. Perhaps not strictly from the "news " genre. But nevertheless.

And it'll take a lot for anything to beat the current ITN/ITV News package. There are some clean feeds of ITN on YouTube without voiceovers or bongs. Utterly brilliant.
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How could I have forgotten to mention RTP Informação's news themes?

I just loved that 2011 branding, and that music, always awesome in its many versions (though I gotta admit the 6pm-to-8pm variation is probably my favourite !)

The yellow version of the visuals was nice too.
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Plus, I know these ones aren't from TV, but the thread title is 'Favourite News Themes', so Razz

Nothing wrong with radio themes - by all means, carry on. Smile

Here are some more favourites of mine - first up, the current theme to Het Journaal on VRT:

Next, NRK's Dagsrevyen, 2015-present, composed by none other than Röyksopp:

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BBC World News
I always love The Mission including the original used by NBC and even the redone Seven News theme.

And part IV of it used for Special Events and is the theme for Meet the Press. When you hear it outside MTP with the leadup and three note G-E-C*on the xylophone you excuse my language **** is going down but in the Trump era it’s been used way more frequently.

The original adaptation for Seven News which stayed closest to NBC.

The Seven News version for 2004-2015 had more percussion.

The Seven News version since 2016.

*When they took it up as their sonic signature (the first sonic patent ever) it had no relation to their owner much later owner GE. Rumor has it it was heard on then NBC radio affiliate WSB.
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2CC News Canberra (Immediately, you're in a 70's nightclub but this is pretty cool!) (@1:41)

2WS Sydney

MIX 106.5 News Sydney - a friend said this reminded them of a soap opera, but this ran for many years in Sydney and was quite impressive.. and yes, the notes stand for MIX 1-0-6-point-5! (@2:20)

2UE Sydney - this ran through the 80, 90s and early 2000s

Also pretty fantastic is the current 4BC News in Brisbane. It's an unlikely news theme and sounds a bit messy but I really like it (@1:14 below).

2KA Katoomba (Blue Mountains, Sydney)
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