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Who get your seal of approval? (September 2013)

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Sam Walker
A forum on Digital Spy is asking for people's favourite news presenters who currently present, so I thought I'd throw it open a little more and ask you guys who your favourites are, including those who no longer present.
itsrobert Founding member
Moira Stuart - a very solid newsreader with excellent intonation and pronunciation skills.
Philip Hayton - authoritative
Peter Sissons - one of the best news presenters ever. Buckets of gravitas but clearly with a good Scouse sense of humour lurking underneath
Carol Barnes - one of the very best female presenters at ITN. Had a warm and likeable personality but certainly no "autocutie". Very sorely missed.
Trevor McDonald - although he faced a lot of criticism in his time, I always found Trevor to be a very solid newsreader. He was hopeless when things didn't go to plan but he certainly knew how to read a script.

Jon Snow - he's lost his sparkle a little in recent times, but he was among the best in his heyday. Still a great presenter though after 3 decades.
Julie Etchingham - one of the newsreading stars of the age. Just brilliant.
Jeremy Paxman - still the best at grilling notable people.
Fiona Armstrong - after 3 decades of newsreading, she's still showing how flexible she is on the BBC News Channel. Who'd have thought a newsreader who started her national career in the 80s would be so good at rolling news?!
Adrian Finighan - I don't see much of Adrian's work any more, but when he was on BBC World he was fantastic. Always had a brilliant connection with the viewer.

Fiona Bruce - Authoritative and Great television personality
Huw Edwards - Can be Warm when needed to be, yet authoritative.
Jane Hill - Good on Location, and in the Studio, great pairing with Matthew Amroliwola
Matthew Amroliwola - Great on Location, Authoritative, Great pairing with Jane Hill
Simon Mccoy - Legend, When he mucks up its hilarious. Good on Location, Well suited to the 8:30 - 11 Shift
Tim Wilcox - He can present anywhere and at anytime, Is one of the best non-permenant presenters the Beeb has
Susie Fowler-Watt She is a great presenter, she has an air of authority, yet she can be warm when talking and/or laughing with Stewart. She can interview Famous Politicans really well and most of the time get the important answers out of them.
Stewart White (same as above)


Trevor McDonald - Living Legend, Revolutionist, First Black News Presenter, Has an air of authority about him
Peter Sissons - One of my favourite past BBC News Presenter, he is authorative and is a good television personality, he is one of the best the bbc had back in the day.
Gary McEwan

Rachel McTavish - A great addition to the STV News presenting team.
Simon McCoy - His cockups are stuff of legend and echo that he's well suited on the 8.30-11am shift.
Fiona Armstrong - Border's loss is BBC News' gain...
Matt Barbet - Think Matt has done exceptionally well on the DB Newshour and recently on the ITV Weekend Bulletins.


Shereen Nanjiani - Has it really been 7 years since Shereen left? It's flew by!
Katie Derham - ITV Lunchtime News hasn't been the same without her...
John Suchet - One of the top newseaders ITV News has had...
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Matt Barbet
Mary Nightingale
Julie Etchingham


Trevor McDonald
Nicholas Owen
Katie Derham
news junkie

Kay Burley - gets a lot of criticism, but lets face it asks the questions we want asked. Also great on location.
Komla Dumor - probably the best signing the BBC has had in a long time
Simon McCoy - knows when to be mischievous and off-script when he feels it is required.
Anna Botting - Always seems to know her stuff whether it is politics, royals or business etc.

Chris Lowe - there was just something he brought to the BBC News channel at the weekend.
Peter Sissons - pretty much what others have said: Gravitas, authoritative.
Jonathan Charles - always enthusiastic even though it was 5 in the morning. And his blooper never fails to make me laugh.
Alistair Yates - calming, reassuring & authoritative - vastly underused by the BBC.
London Lite Founding member

Jeremy Paxman
Alastair Stewart
Mark Austin
Huw Edwards
Simon McCoy
Bill Turnbull
Jon Snow
Nik Gowing
Riz Lateef
Charlene White

Sir Trevor McDonald
Sir Alastair Burnett
Nicholas Witchell
Anna Ford
Sue Lawley
Julia Somerville
Peter Sissons

Sophie Raworth
Jane Hill


Noreen Bray
Angela Rippon
Richard Whitemore
Jan Leeming
John MacKay - STV News
Alistair Stewart - ITV News

Sir Trevor McDonald - News at Ten
Shereen Nanjiani - Scotland Today
South Today
Wesley Smith, Central South legend!
I still highly rate Anna Jones , although I think she seemed more comfortable on BBC News than Sky News.

I'm surprised no one's said Bob Friend . He was one of the best on Sky News and a lovely guy too. His pairing with Anna Botting (also great) back in the late 90s/early 00s on Sky News was great viewing.

Other great Sky News anchors, past and present:

Chris Roberts
Jeremy Thompson
Paula Middlehurst
Allan King

BBC News:

Fiona Bruce
Julian Worricker
Mike Embley
Adam Parsons (relief)
Maxine Mawhinney
Chris Eakin (he has such a great personality)
Simon 'paper boy' McCoy Laughing
Olly Foster - Sport (the News channel presenters always seem happy to see Olly)
Carrie Gracie
Sian Williams
Sopel & Maitlis - but it has to be the pairing

If BBC weather presenters also count, has to be Alex Deakin ,

And someone who I think is very much underated and i'd love to see on the news channel, Zeinab Badawi .
It would also be great to see the likes of the excellent Ben Thompson get some relief shifts on the news channel from time to time, totally wasted as simply a business reporter.

If I'm allowed a couple of easy on the eye presenters, have to be Lucy Hockings , Yalda Hakim and Daniella Ritorto . Embarassed
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rob Founding member
Sir Trevor McDonald
Michael Burke
John Suchet
Alastair Burnet

Alastair Stewart
Simon McCoy
Jane Hill
Anna Botting

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