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Mortimer Cross21 posts since 17 Apr 2005
Spencer For Hire posted:

It's interesting from the sounds of it that Ridge Hill will come under ITV West for the first time in many years.

Ridge Hill has only ever carried the ATV and Central ITV service.
It has never been part of the 'West'.
cost cutting, in local news, where have I heard that before Rolling Eyes

ah yes STV, looks like ITV are nicking ideas form stv for once Very Happy
brotherton sands574 posts since 5 Mar 2006
I've always thought that the existence of CNsouth is the only reason why the phrase "South Midlands" exists at all. I doubt that anybody from the patch has ever considered themself a "south midlander".

People in the east of the patch probably have a fairly "looking-towards-London" attitude, which clearly wouldn't be shared by those as far west as Herefordshire. So, it has always been a fairly "disjointed" region, in this respect.

A few weeks ago, I randomly started to think that a merger of CNsouth (eastern half only) and MeridianWest would be a good idea one day, never thinking such a thing would ever happen, and now here we are.

As the two areas that would form a new "ITV Thames Valley" region have hitherto different news programme names, what should the new service be called?

Because the name "Central" implies the midlands, it couldn't be spread as far south as Berkshire/northern Hampshire. Although the "Meridian" names isn't so obviously region-specific, so therefore wouldn't sound "out-of-place" in Oxfordshire, it would be nicer if they didn't have a traditionally "south coast"-associated name forced upon them.

If it's true that the Thames Valley programme will be produced at Southampton, then it obviously will stay as "Meridian News". It's a shame that it can't continue to be produced within it's own region (either Oxford or Newbury), but I guess that's an inevitablepart of how ITV is these days.

I suppose that if/when BBC South Today (Oxford) becomes a fully fledged service, it will be a "Thames Valley Today" (excluding Ridge Hill) rather than a "South Midlands Today" (including Ridge Hill) as I'd previously assumed.

I think it makes more sense to merge the Ridge Hill transmitter area (on both BBC and ITV) with the Bristol region, rather than Birmingham. The current BBC Midlands Today patch stretching as far north as, say, Newcastle-under-Lyme, and as far south as, say, Cheltenham is FAR too big.
Charles Allen47 posts since 10 Mar 2004
The muppets at OFCOM have really amused me with this decision. Pan regional bulletins for Anglia, Meridan and Central all weekend. Tyne Tees and Yorkshire pan regional bulletins throughout the week! They're having a laughh!!
Nutty Northerner4 posts since 2 May 2006 new member
Oh great, well done BBC and ITV, NOT! Yet more "non" local news for me then. Calendar was the only "regional" news I got anymore. For some reason I live in North Derbyshire and recieve a signal from Belmont therefore getting BBC Look North Hull and obviously now Calendar East too! Why do they keep splitting up the regions, its not as if it makes the programming any more specific, let alone improves it.
South Today2,698 posts since 10 Feb 2003
Martin Phillp posted:
What a shame, especially as BBC South Today only has a short opt for Oxfordshire and Swindon.

Central South has been one of the better produced regional news magaznes.

Totally agree with you. One of the Best, if not the best! Wes and Hannah are brilliant! Would anyone else be interested in campaigning against this decision?
Nick Harvey5,035 posts since 11 Nov 2001
Charles Allen posted:
The muppets at OFCOM have really amused me with this decision. Pan regional bulletins for Anglia, Meridan and Central all weekend. Tyne Tees and Yorkshire pan regional bulletins throughout the week!

As I said in the other thread, it was the press announcement which amused me the most.

Talk about the ultimate in spin. Alistair Campbell would have been proud of it.

A great big press release telling us all how WONDERFUL a REDUCTION in service is supposed to be.

I can only assume that they think the people who read their press releases are as thick as their viewers.
London Lite10,295 posts since 4 Jan 2003
Wouldn't it make more sense for Meridian West's newsroom to move up to Abingdon, but then of course not, ITV don't care about having resources in the catchment area do they?