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Berks, Oxon and Bucks are all in the south-east region: South-East England Region

I've never understood how "Oxon" can possibly be an acceptable abbreviation for "Oxfordshire" - where the hell did the "n" come from? Rolling Eyes

Actually, a number of county abbreviations are like that (e.g. "Hants" for Hampshire - again, an irrelevent "n" has appeared!) Why oh why? Rolling Eyes
you missed out my favourite - salop.
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you missed out my favourite - salop.

Forgive my ignorance, but what's salop? Confused


lol! As a Salopian myself, here's why Shropshire can be known as Salop, courtesy of Wikipedia:

The origin of the name "Shropshire" is the Old English "Scrobbesbyrigscîr" (literally Shrewsburyshire). It is also possible that it took its name from Richard FitzScrob (or Scrope), the builder of Richard's Castle near what is now the town of Ludlow. However, the Normans who ruled England after 1066 found both "Scrobbesbyrig" and "Scrobbesbyrigscir" difficult to pronounce so they softened them to "Salopesberia" and "Salopescira". Salop is the abbreviation of these.