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Somebody needs to tell whoever is responsible for the ticker on the BBC News Channel that polling stations closed 17 minutes ago.

EDIT: Eventually removed about 50 minutes after becoming inaccurate.
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That is very good point that nobody thought of! anyhow moving on.

Oh gosh! That background looks ghastly! They are not two floors up from the newsroom. CRINGE!
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Reeta is a former BBC Political Correspondent, so perhaps not as strange a booking as it might seem.

And she's held the news summary role since 2015 I believe, so she's not exactly a brand new election face.

Reading the news summary is hardly stepping into a role previously held by Vine/Maitlis. It does sound like they’ve combined two roles into one.
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Is Newsnight likely to come from B?

Newsnight is from A this evening, in a simulated version of the Studio B hard area but using the standard Studio A desk.

It’s a quite well done. I thought it was the right hand side of B to start with like it’s been the rest of the week.

But defo A.

Studio A serves which purpose generally?
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