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Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
Interesting to see all the BBC regions putting out a full 6:30 programme tonight - most obviously focussed on the EU election results but there were a few instances where programmes stuck to the normal formula and also got their mix of other content in, and some (looking at East Midlands Today here!) where the EU elections weren't even the top story!

The question is was it because of the election, or because ITV have been doing the same for about a year now.

We will find out at the end of August I expect.
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UTV Newsline
There is going to be possibly another 6 weeks or so of Irish TV & radio coverage of counting from the Ireland South Euro Constituency. One of Sinn Fein's candidates, Liadh Ni Riada, requested a full recount of the votes to the returning officer 2 days ago. They did a recheck all of the number of bundles already sorted in the previous count which will probably give the same result. The full recount will resume in Ireland South at 9am next Tuesday.

The total amount of votes to be recounted stands at 756,000 votes.

There was some surprise from Midlands North-West some days ago. Former Rose of Tralee winner & TV3 Toy Show presenter Maria Walsh got elected to the European Parliament for Fine Gael without reaching the quota on the thirteenth count. So that means that they are two MEPs from that constituency who are former TV presenters/broadcasters going over to Strasbourg.

There is also going some By-elections to take place in Ireland later this year. Some of the recently elected MEPs are currently serving TD's in Dail Eireann. There is going to be about 4 By-elections being held in Ireland as a result of Billy Kelleher, Matt Carthy, Clare Daly & maybe Mick Wallace getting elected to the EP.
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UTV Newsline
Did they run out of fingers and toes?

They might have done. Worse still. The returning officers might actually lose their nut if they are having issues with finding adequate numbers of staff to do a full recount over the next couple of weeks. I hope the staff will get paid for doing this. It sounds like battling a mountain in counting that amount of ballot papers.