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Isn’t that always the case with the newsroom backdrop?
I do wonder why a second studio overlooking the newsroom wasn’t built in to the design.

It was originally, wasn't it? Seem to remember someone on here years ago saying the plan was for NC and World to both have newsroom studios - guess they could have been wrong and over the years the person correcting them hasn't stuck in my memory as much as the original statement though!
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There's plenty of precedent for studios having windows covered up - Salford and Birmingham for example.

But there are advantages to not having a newsroom set - the overnight sequence doesn't have a view into a sparsely populated newsroom, and it means that when there is maintenance work happenning in the newsroom itself, like a few weekends ago, they only have to decamp one service, not two.
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And back to talking about tonight’s coverage.

Does anyone have a take on why there is no Maitlis, no Vine, no Kuenssberg and as to why Reeta has been booked? It does seem an odd choice.
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Central (East) Midlands Today
Laura seems to be part of it from what I've seen (Huw, Reeta, Laura and Yicki Young seems to be the full team plus probably Mike Embley on the news bulletins). I assume Reeta is doing it as she doesn't really have any scheduled work at the minute so is easy to be available whereas Vine and Maitlis both have day to day work that is arguably more important than relatively minor elections.