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Election 2010

Rerun .... (April 2020)

Philheybrookbay West Country (West) Spotlight
I'd forgotten the voting chaos and that a certain leader of UKIP had a plane crash on election day...
VMPhil Granada North West Today
Paxman enters a new age by asking if Peter Mandelson’s “twittering”, which makes it the first mention of social media in a BBC general election coverage. Five years later and they’re giving live updates on a Twitter account called Paddy Ashdown’s Hat.

(unless there’s a mention of MSN Messenger in the Blair years that I missed)

Nick Robinson had been blogging general elections since 2001.
DVB Cornwall West Country (West) Spotlight
Craig Oliver reflects....

AndrewPSSP, bilky asko and Brekkie gave kudos
Jarv Anglia (East) Look East
He twitters!
JamesWorldNews Central World News
Alexis Carrington Colby Dexter:

@JamesWorldNews | #StayHomeSaveLives
bilky asko Tyne Tees Look North (North East)
2010 doesn't feel all that long ago, but 10 years later it has aged visually. BBC Parliament in SD helps with that aesthetic.

Avatar Credit: © Independent Television News. Avatar Subject: Jonathan George Snow HonFRIBA
dvboy Central (West) Midlands Today
Nice slide before today's replay.

Tennis on telly | Hello, good evening, and remain indoors.
Willz Central Reporting Scotland
is anyone recording this? Because I’ve missed 9:55am - 2:13pm
It’s underrated
It will no doubt be on the iplayer once its broadcast has finished - i.e. later today, early tomorrow.

Re not giving out the poll result - as it was a joint venture with Sky and ITV, the BBC would have looked very strange in ignoring it, whilst the other broadcasters announced it.
buster London London
I imagine the worry was that an exit poll predicting a hung parliament is quite a bold statement as it's within the margin of error, and last time that had happened in 1992 it wasn't correct (and would be incorrect again in 2015).
The wording is usually quite careful these days e.g "Conservatives largest party", which is true whether they can form a government or not.
Jamesypoo Anglia (East) Look East
I don't remember those weird sounds effects on Emily's screen at all.
Willz Central Reporting Scotland
Seems like there is a lot of things cut out, as its 11 mins ahead.
It’s underrated

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