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Apologies if I've missed this elsewhere but details have now been released of Samira Ahmed's Employment Tribunal against the BBC, and it turns out it has nothing to do with her not being supplied with a chair with enough spin.

It boils down to what she is paid for Newswatch versus what Jeremy Vine was paid for Points of View, with lawyers arguing they were a similar role but essentially Samira was paid less because she's a woman. Samira was paid £440-£465 per episode while Vine was previously paid £3000 per episode, dropping to £1300 before he left.


To me although the roles are similar, and I suspect actually the presenter of Newswatch may have been slightly more involved in production than Vine was at Points of View, with them being on different channels I'm just not sure the pay scale can be the same. Rightly or wrongly a news channel presenter is not on the same pay rate as a network news presenter for example, and if a precedent were set that an equal role on a lesser channel deserved equal pay that could actually make the News Channel even more unviable than it probably is now.

For the record I do think Jeremy Vine is one of the most overpaid and overrated people at the BBC and I've always thought Samira Ahmed was great, but for me this is opportune lawyers exploiting the situation rather than common sense prevailing. However if it gets Samira a regular shift on the news channel so be it - she's a far better newsreader than Carrie Grace.
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Don’t forget that Newswatch also airs during Breakfast on BBC One.

I’ve seen it suggested that Newswatch actually gets a bigger audience overall than Points of View
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Something else which makes them different is that Points of View is shown over 2 series totalling 20 episodes throughout the year, whereas Newswatch is shown throughout the year (with the exception of Easter, Summer and Christmas breaks), so around double the number of episodes.
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Not a fan either but Vine in fairness has already stated than when Jonathan Ross got his massive deal in 2006 that his agent demanded a much better deal from the BBC and he squeeze them for what the must they would. This pay was to sweeten his overall deal.
When Samira joined Newswatch she was freelance and I doubt Raymond Snoddy was getting much more.

It is also silly as it's Entertainment versus a News show.
I smell very opportunistic 'Equal pay' campaigners and Lawyers. Emily Matlis did get back pay btw because of Vine's election night role being similar to hers. But that was the same genre and programme!!
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Surely a more sensible comparison would be with Raymond Snoddy, Samira Ahmed's predecessor on Newswatch? If he was being paid more, then there's an issue. Other than that, I don't think any other comparison can be drawn.

I think the BBC have said Samira Ahmed's pay was on par with her predecessor.
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This story was going through my mind yesterday, but for different reasons. The “case” is something which could possibly be covered on Newswatch. So, how would that be handled editorially and objectively?

Samira Ahmed introducing coverage of her own lawsuit being covered against the corporation?

It gets messy.

By the way, who deps for Samira on Newswatch when she’s on holiday?
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