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I have a problem with these types of things.


Because they don't do it for every natural disaster.

Just the ones in poverty stricken countries that would have difficulty dealing with the aftermath without support.

That's a bit subjective. I don't know, I just feel that certain disasters or wars get absolutely no attention and then all of a sudden the media hop on a disaster story (admittedly this does appear exceptional, but you get my point).

So you'd rather they helped nobody instead?

It is a tough call - if they did them for "every" natural disaster they'd be on air practically every week, and just become part of the TV landscape and hence less effective. As pointed out, these appeals are the call of the DEC, not the broadcasters, and they make the judgement.

One thing though I didn't agree with today was the ticker on the ITV News - firstly it wasn't the best graphic in the world, but secondly the news is there to report, not appeal. No issue with them ending a report by giving out the contact details, but to have them on screen throughout is blurring the boundaries a bit IMO.

I agree completely with this last point. It makes me feel a bit uneasy.