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One of the new reported cases is someone who is known by someone who is known by my son . They caught it skiing, and their only symptom (so far) is a runny nose.

Your comment here reminded me of the "six degrees of separation" that effectively connects literally everyone on the planet in some way.


I live just a couple of miles away from the conference facility that a large number of people were taken to on a convoy of coaches with police outriders on returning from China recently. Just last week I took a family member to hospital literally a mile from this location and they had a series of tests and then what seemed something further. I commented and it became clear that people are being discreetly screened when presenting for something else, if they are exhibiting certain indications.

I'm confused by the message being reported from government that it's "business as usual" when it clearly is no such thing. The government and media continue to send out very mixed and confusing messages even today. Why doesn't the Health Secretary get on TV and do an actual formal TV address for all channels for 10 minutes to make crystal clear what the score is.
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Change to the billed schedule for the Coronavirus special on BBC One? I thought it was due to be on at this time?
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