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paul_hadley London London
BBC London news bulletins seem to have gone again and have been replaced with the merged London & South East bulletins. Is this a permanent change?
Ballyboy Recently warned UTV Newsline
I saw that on Iplayer. I think maybe breakfast and lunchtime bulletins
Meridian AM Recently warned Meridian (South) South Today
It's weekend, weekday breakfast and weekday lunch.
CallumF Central Reporting Scotland
Press conference at 5pm

May include details on 'quarantine hotels'
RDJ Recently warned Central (West) Midlands Today
Slightly odd scheduling tonight for the ITV News at Ten, that Marcella is showing a Double bill with the second episode starting at 10.05pm.

So those tuning in expecting the News at Ten to see a drama air instead are going to be a bit confused. Especially on an important milestone day in terms of Coronavirus.
Central News South January 9th 1989 - December 3rd 2006

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