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I see some medical professionals (here in the UK) are calling on the government to air daily live press conferences and broadcasts to inform and educate the population on the spread/severity/precautions of the virus.

I can’t recall (in my lifetime) a time when such daily government broadcasts were given. The last situation I recall receiving anything like this was the Falklands conflict in 1982, when there was a daily LIVE MOD briefing at a set time.
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I dare say because audiences have fragmented TV wise since 1982, to turn on your TV and have Boris tell you to wash your hands, catch your sneezes and generally do all the stuff you should be doing anyway, probably wouldn't achieve very much, it would probably come across as a bit preachy. Particularly from somebody who is happy to go around all day looking like he's never heard of a comb.
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This is what happened during Foot and Mouth:

Personally I think it's all a bit over the top at the moment. I still think in 6 months time it'll be a case of 'does anyone remember Coronavirus?'
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I’m a bit worried here in the US as I’m sure you’ve heard POTUS doesn’t have a pandemic response team, all releases must be approved by VPOTUS Pence (who over saw a drastic HIV rise when he was governor of Indiana). Seems like the current administration is blaming the media and the democrats for covering this story to attack Trump.

However it appears that local health departments now as they get reports from the federal government on cases they may disseminate the information.
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Personally I think it's all a bit over the top at the moment. I still think in 6 months time it'll be a case of 'does anyone remember Coronavirus?'

The two 'experts' that have been wheeled on to various programmes to give advice, that have provided a measured and pragmatic approach to the issue are Simon Calder (travel) and Justin Urquhart Stewart (finance). There's been rather too much 'over excitement' generally, from broadcast media. The tabloid press seem to be close to orgasm (Yes, I did spell that right).
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Interesting that is a BBC Breakfast production rather than BBC News.

As for that end board - no end in sight to this pandemic of poorly cut and pasted BBC One logos.

Indeed - they could have just had the BBC One logo blend into the red background.

Probably more to do with utilising existing BBC News crews than sticking with the usual production coming from London. Breakfast has a pretty decent size team in Salford, why not utilise them more frequently. Missing a 'key anchor' though.
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ITV Meridian getting a bit too close to the story. It's a member of staff in an NHS office at the studios

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