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The present administration have completely ruled out a re-run of the People's Vote of 2016. However, a route to that does exist should a Motion of No Confidence in HM's Government be won by the opposition benches, which depending on how the DUP want to play ball could realistically happen.

The result is a General Election which we now know Mrs May will not contest.

Now, looking at the numbers it is unlikely either of the two main parties will get the 326 MPs required, which could theoretically lead to a Labour-SNP coalition; I can't see any other parties wanting to get into bed with the Tories. Almost certainly, IndyRef 2 will be a red line from Mrs Sturgeon.

So it could be a busy time for newsrooms.
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It looks as though in all the excitement yesterday evening ( Shocked ) nobody remembered to post a clip of the BBC News Special titles. So here they are before I delete the programme from my STB:

The titles look distinctly Politics Live in nature, even if the music is more BBC News.
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