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Not sure if it's worth separating this from the CNN Intenrational thread, happy to delete it if it's unnecessary.

Anyway, CNN U.S is readying its new Washington DC set. It's set to debut following the conclusion of the DNC this week.

WASHINGTON: The political conventions are barely a blur in the rearview mirror, the attack ads are in even heavier rotation than usual and those all-knowing pundits are more righteous than ever.

In other words, it’s time to elect a president again.

And it could hardly be a better time for CNN’s D.C. Bureau to debut its new, 2,200-square-foot HD studio. Featuring three large video walls and two “magic walls,” plus a glass divider to create two smaller studios, the new digs were constructed to accommodate various configurations and programming that is being produced for countries around the globe, all at once.

That’s the big news at CNN Washington bureau today, as its nearly 18 months-in-the-making, state-of-theart HD studio is getting a final few tweaks before it’s unveiled for the masses—just as the presidential race between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney shifts into fifth gear.

Come November, the focus of the world will be on D.C., so the cable news provider, which operates two dozen branded networks and services worldwide will need the versatility that will result in various configurations at what is known as Studio A/B.

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I think it can go in CNNI thread, we talk both CNN US and CNNI there.

Also, hopefully this new set could also be used for IDesk when it comes from DC. It's about time they start letting CNNI use some of their fancy domestic sets. Rolling Eyes
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I think it can go in CNNI thread, we talk both CNN US and CNNI there.

or perhaps it could have a thread of its own given its a major presentation change that I'd have never know about hidden in a generic thread.

Where are the CNN US sets anyhow? Are they mainly Atlanta based?
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They have and use sets in Atlanta, New York and DC. New York one used to be biggest and more modern but has since been eclipsed by their new Atlanta set and now this new DC set which judging from that article photo will be in the same style as Atlanta.

They use NY set from 5 till 9 am, then Atalnta from 9 am till 4pm , then DC for 3 hours of Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer and then NY for prime time again. So this new set is basically only for Blitzer's 3 hour show.

In this video you can see Atlanta set when it debuted in 2010, also a glimpse of NY set and how it looked back then at the start of the video.

This is how NY set looks now, when used for their morning shows. They change it up for their prime time shows and Amanpour on CNNI.