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Such a Shame CNN didn’t take the opportunity to change the ‘brick’ format into something new. New Day boasted it was more colorful, more technologically advanced and that they can do some great things in the new studio.

I bit of a let down I think. I guess that hideous weekend New Day set is here to stay.
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I was talking to one of their engineers. They installed essentially an all IP plant using Evertz EXE IP routers (the bureaus will be switching to IP as well). They also went with 4K cameras - Sony HDC-4300s.

There are a couple of HD-SDI instances however it’s minimal. The newsroom studio 17N uses the box/brick versions of the 4K cameras which are converted to IP right there (I think there are small adapters actually on the pedestals). The prompter and return video/confidence feeds are from Cuescript SDI based but they are fed via a trunk line from the CCU to the camera which has two HD-SDI outputs for that use.

The studios use manual Vinten pedestals.
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Do they normally use that music for the opening of New Day - sounds awfully ominous as if somebody is going to leap out from behind Alisyn and John.

Not a fan of that AC360 studio at all - putting the desk so close to the pole makes the studio look tiny and like Anderson has been shoved into a corner. And the desk itself is horrible looking. The studio looks like a cheap version of the original ITN News Channel set and easily the worst of the new sets.
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