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Started following him on Twitter recently and he seems to be a really great guy...

You've been listening to Donald Trump a bit too long.
Some subtle changes to the choice of stories on the overnight hours of "CNN Newsroom". For the past few days, it seems to me that CNNi has started to treat the U.S. like any other country in the world, instead of giving special attention to U.S. politics, and a much broader range of international stories are covered as a result. Here's the rundown for "CNN Newsroom" yesterday (6am GMT, March 4), where you can see that the only U.S. story is buried along with COVID stories from other countries. As an international viewer based in Asia, this change is very much welcomed.

:01-:08 ICC investigation of war crimes in Palestinian territories
:08-:10 Israeli election: Netanyahu turns to new coalitions
:10-:12 Duchess of Sussex bullying allegations
:12 New research into COVID
:12-:13 COVID in U.S.
:13 Venezuela detects Brazilian variant
:13-:15 COVID in Brazil
Commercial break
:18-:28 Myanmar protests
Commercial break
:31-:36 AfD placed under surveillance
:36-:38 Germany relaxing COVID-19 restrictions
:38-:39 Navalny held at detention center east of Moscow
:39 UK teen’s family can proceed with civil case
Commercial break
:42-:46 Killing of female journalists in Afghanistan
:46-:50 Rocket attack on U.S. base in Iraq
Commercial break
:52-:55 Oil producers under pressure to increase production
:55 Iceberg breaks off of Antarctica
:56 Japanese billionaire invites 8 people to join mission around the moon
:56 SpaceX Mars prototype rocket explodes on pad
As a regular viewer of the previous hour, it's been like that most days for the past few weeks. Much better
Indeed have tuned into Connect The World just now and seen items on COVID in Moldova & Czech Republic and now an extended item about the Pope visiting Iraq and the rebuilding of Mosul. And not one mention of America while I've been watching.

It's almost like watching a different network - I'm so used to even the CNNI bulletins being heavily America and US politics these last few years (where it feels like an international story has to be massive for an American news story to not lead the bulletin) that it's a real pleasant surprise to see other stories and countries get a look in.

Certainly this is how I prefer CNNI - stories from around the globe but with a particular forte of coverage of the US when the story merits it and a few Domestic shows thrown in.
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If they could only somehow take back the 18.00-20.00 cet slot. It's such an unfortunate gap in the schedule right now. Would make perfect sense to have Hala do those 2 hours and then the schedule would be decent and close to what it used to be.
I can understand to an extent keeping John King's slot on CNNI after his popularity during the election but yep that 6pm UK time/7pm CET slot feels like it should be airing Hala's slot - I'm sure Hala had a WFH studio too for quite a while.
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It's like they've finally clicked that people want more international news and less of the minutiae of US politic. I've noticed this trend in the last few weeks.

I agree they're missing an international news hour in that Amanpour/QMB block. Could come from Atlanta if Hala isn't able to broadcast from London.

I think if they add in Hala and then a late night Euro, morning Asia news block (or news hour) then that would be a good balance of domestic and international programming until their studios can fully reopen.
Former CNNI presenter Walker is now guest-hosting New Day Weekend too.
Former CNNI presenter Walker is now guest-hosting New Day Weekend too.

She's great for Domestic, although it's back to normal today on New Day.
Former CNNI presenter Walker is now guest-hosting New Day Weekend too.

She's great for Domestic, although it's back to normal today on New Day.

She's fantastic! She's also done Early Start pre pandemic.
I'm amazed she was an int'l anchor as an American. I know her show ended on CNNI, but why did she transfer to CNN US?
It's a shame we no longer really see Amara on CNNI bar filling on the lower-profile Domestic programmes like New Day Weekend. She and Michael Holmes were a great pairing on CNN Today (though it often felt like there were more editions without one or both of them than actually with them paired together). Michael Holmes didn't end up doing too badly out of CNN Today ending - he moved to weekend overnights which at the time seemed a demotion but actually probably has meant he's been on air more than he would've in the old CNN Today slot.

Tuned in just now to see Business Traveller - does seem a bit odd/bit of a contradiction that CNN are so concerned about COVID that the London studios are sat idle yet you then have Richard Quest jetting off to Rwanda.

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