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BFGArmy633 posts since 15 Jan 2018
London London
New set looks superb from these photos - much more versatile than the current set and seemingly bigger too.
With the new London studio, the Abu Dhabi studio will stick out even more negatively in comparison to London and Studio 7.
Charles608 posts since 11 Nov 2009
BBC World News
Looks like a really cool space. I can't help but wonder if there's a newsroom backdrop area that we haven't seen yet (perhaps to the left if you were where Bianca was standing when taking that picture).
bkman19901,530 posts since 29 Jan 2012
UTV Newsline
The 1st hour of Democratic Presidential Town Hall on CNN had Anderson Cooper with Michael Bloomberg

This event is being held in Charleston, South Carolina.

The 2nd hour of it has Chris Coumo on stage with Joe Biden.

Chris Coumo's dress sense looks a little unusual tonight. He is wearing black & white sport shoes, carrying pink A4 sheets of paper with his questions to Joe Biden and, because it is Ash Wednesday today, Chris has a very visible blob of ashes seen on his forehead.

Do forgive me for mentioning this stuff because I have not seen him be like this before. I do think that he is doing a good job btw.

Joe Biden has some ash on his forehead. However; it is covered up with make-up.
BFGArmy633 posts since 15 Jan 2018
London London
Shame to see George go. Always a solid hand and that weekend morning slot was one of the slots I more regularly tuned into on CNN.

You’d imagine that slot will either be just Natalie solo now or you’ll have Michael Holmes joining Natalie (especially since he’s a familiar face to CNN Domestic viewers over the years).