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Speaking of refreshes, I haven't really watched the European morning slot regularly but when I see it at the weekend the cityscape backdrop they use seems to have been tweaked - darker blue and orange then it was before. Has it been like that for a while?

Also, has Amanpour moved to New York? Not sure if it was ever officially confirmed but most of the advert seems to have been filmed from New York and more often than not when I tune in the show seems to be in New York.
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Amanpour - or at least Christiane Amanpour's parts of the show - still comes from London usually. The press release for the show going to an hour/on PBS permanently confirmed Christiane Amanpour was staying in London.

The advert I think you are referring too is from the relaunch week when the show did come from New York. I guess now the show is on PBS permanently and has PBS production involvement, there will be more times the show comes from New York than in the past, whilst still retaining London as it's 'home'
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Jim Acosta anchoring The Situation Room is a breath of fresh air tonight. Fine, it's still all Trump politics heavy, but the show flows more naturally when presented straight - without all the unnecessary hype and melodrama Wolf brings.

The show is certainly better when Wolf's not there - Briana Keilar is normally pretty good when she stands in.

The whole show is over the top though - the tacky headlines, the dramatic music. the show seemingly always beginning with breaking news and that's without getting to Wolf 'Stand By, Everyone' Blitzer and his emotionless, shouty delivery.

I mean as an example the absolute state of this TOTH - you want to lie down in a darkened room once it's finished.

It's getting more and more absurd. It's non-stop Trump "Breaking News" from hours ago which is blitzkrieging it's way through anything else. The first international report in the "situation room" comes 45 minutes in and it's still framed as "rare rift between Trump, Putin". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Di_fuUdh3Yk

I'm also really disliking the forced monologue summary at the TOTH after the headlines, it's truly unnecessary and clearly doesn't work for a stone-faced presenter like Blitzer.

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I noticed that CNN World Sport presenter Christina MacFarlane is presenting the news yesterday from Atlanta. Are they reshuffling some presenters, like what they did to Don Ridell before?
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