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CNNI at its very worst this evening. Two big international stories in the Brexit deal being agreed by EU leaders and geopolitical tensions rising between Russia and Ukraine. But instead of the full scheduled CNN Today international bulletin, the first 10 minutes were instead spent on a US simulcast with the awful Ana Cabrera - fine for domestic, certainly not for International. Thankfully they eventually went to Michael Holmes and realised news does exist outside the United States.
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How's Chris Cuomo's show doing on CNN US? Tuned in on Tuesday and saw he was rather enthusiastically scribbling on a whiteboard.


I know how much he likes the sound of his own voice, but solo analysis now does start to look a bit self-important.

Didn't think CNN would want to stray into that "Glenn Beck look" territory.

(Plus, it looks a mess aesthetically, surely an explainer could be done on a screen with graphics or 'magic wall' etc.)
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CNN Domestic really does seem godawful whenever it's simulcast - all Trump all the time, quite a few presenters think they are the news and it all just feels so very messy. CNN International is far stronger when it actually gets to cover proper international news.
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Just now in the 9a NY/2pm LDN hour:
TOTH previews busy show, 3 live hits within first 10 mins, plus ‘coming up’ teases analysts and further business news.

16 mins in, handover to Domestic for discussion over speculation of what Trump’s ex-lawyer could say about something which probably happened to further bring Trump into disrepute. Discussion still ongoing now.

Granted, there is a story breaking but to throw away the rest of world news and 2 live hours in a pretty ropey schedule shows that editorially, CNN places Trump over all world news. It’s very odd, indeed he’s a news maker for all the wrong reasons but this is obsessive.
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How's Chris Cuomo's show doing on CNN US? Tuned in on Tuesday and saw he was rather enthusiastically scribbling on a whiteboard.

According to that ratings that Just came in the coveted 25-54 range.... Cuomo Primetime is the the number show on CNN. Its behind 2.8 for FNC scream-fest Hannity, and 2.6 for MSNBC;s cerebral Maddow Show.
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Another bomb threat made to CNN in New York, this time in the middle of Don Lemon's 10PM show, so unlike the last time they didn't have any presenter to cut back to and went into an Anderson Cooper rerun (ironically what used to play before Don Lemon got his current slot), before someone in Atlanta coopted John Vause back on-air.

Judging from the on-air clock, it took 40 minutes for them to return to a live broadcast.

Twitter thread below with the relevant clips

New Zealand isn't that far away!