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CNBC Asia Virtual look is horrible though - I NEVER want to see CNBC Europe have anything like that!

CNBC Europe do well with the limited budget that they have. You really can't expect them to have a broadcast facilities like the US. CNBC Europe just doesn't generate enough income to have anything like that built for them.
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Ahhh I remember when it was EBN - European Business News... much cleaner, modern look - less Americanised. They used to have a tie up with ABN (Asian Business Network) at 1pm each day, a live three way programme anchored from London, but with New York and Asia hosts too. It was a major technical achievement!
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rdd posted:
EBN is where the Dow Jones part of "A Service of NBC Universal and Dow Jones" comes from - the two services merged in 1997.

ISTR EBN closed down around 20th January 1998, only leaving a static caption for CWC viewers. Wasn't EBN also partly owned by Flextech aswell?
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Bad form to reply to your own post, but anyways...

Did anyone see CNBC Europe this morning? The channel's live programming fell off air at about 8:52am. Geoff Cuthmore told us "I don't know what feed you're watching, but there's some technical problems, we'll go to a break and let the techs sort it out". Squawk Box never came back, the ticker disappeared and we went to some Hotboards which were floating around the screen wierdly. The ticker reappeared before 9am, but at 9:01 we crashed into an already-started Asia Market Wrap.

Christine Tau obviously was informed what was going on in Europe, before the first break she welcomed the CNBC Europe viewers, apologising for the difficulties and said that Europe programming hoped to resume as soon as possible.

I then had to stop watching...but Guy Johnson was back with Morning Exchange by 10am.