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mark Founding member London London
I've been aware of Cheddar - originally an online business news channel aimed at millennials - for a while, but never really paid it much attention in the past as it looked quite amateur. However, it was back on my radar yesterday and it really seems to have upped its game so thought I'd share.

There are now two channels: Cheddar News and Cheddar Business. Cheddar News is kind of a younger CBSN, with more focus on things like technology, health and entertainment. Cheddar Business mainly seems to broadcast from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange with a focus on things of interest to younger adults like tech and cryptocurrency.

The two channels share a breakfast show - Wake Up With Cheddar. Not sure how much of the output is live - some segments are definitely repeated, CBSN-style.

The graphics are simple but slick and the studios are nothing fancy but pretty decent. Cheddar News seems to broadcast mainly from New York and LA, with windowed studios in both.

An odd name for a news service, but the output seems to be quite credible, so worth a watch.
Stuart West Country (West) Spotlight
When I first saw this thread title, I thought someone had created some niche channels for my passionate love of cheese. Laughing
Inspector Sands
I thought it was the Somerset equivalent of Mustard TV
JasonB London London
Will there be a Cheddar Cheese Channel?
Have you washed your hands?
Cheddar News and Cheddar Business is available on many streaming platforms and cord cutting services such as Hulu-Live, YouTubeTV (not the same as YouTube) and Pluto and Xumo.
Cheddar was bought by Altice USA.

The name of the channel Cheddar seemingly is derived from Urban slang for money or cash. Which its origins are probably not the best idea to call a business channel if the owners new the etymology of it. But since it had been used in rap songs and the like they probably thought it was cool. Rolling Eyes
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London Lite Recently warned London London
Cheddar Business is also on Molotov in France.
Worzel Anglia (West) Look East (West sub-opt)
Will there be a Cheddar Cheese Channel?

No that's way too cheesy.
globaltraffic24 Recently warned Central Reporting Scotland
I've kept a bit of a passing interest in the channel. I don't watch it much but it regularly appears at the top of my twitter feed as I follow it. I hope it succeeds. I love the idea of creating new TV channel formats focused more on news. There's too much of a spotlight on Netflix, etc. The channel was set up by the founder of Buzzfeed, so it isn't just a rich bloke with no knowledge of the media tech scene. Let's see what happens!
mark Founding member London London
A few examples of the graphics and studios...

Cheddar News - New York set used for double-headed presentation

Cheddar News - New York newsroom set used for single-headed presentation

Cheddar Business - New York Stock Exchange

I can't find one of the Los Angeles studio, but it's quite nice - in the corner of a building with city views on two sides.
Brekkie Recently warned Wales Wales Today
Would be interesting to know the sort of budgets these are being run on
Turns out nobody had 2020 vision.
Neil Jones Founding member Central (West) Midlands Today
Would be interesting to know the sort of budgets these are being run on

Significantly higher than any Local TV in the UK, that's for sure.
Although in fairness it's hardly difficult to go any lower than that.
UBox and London Lite gave kudos
Well apparently these streaming channels such as Cheddar and CBSN and others have figured out a advertising model that apparently works and makes the channels profitable without having to the worry about securing carriage on pay-tv epg's and such, which can be a nightmare for start-up. I wonder where AlJazeera America would be right now had they decided to go the streaming route rather than the financially disastrous pay-tv route..
I'm here to give you something to talk about! You're Welcome.

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