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Charlie Stayt

His last Five News bulletin today (March 2005)

Sad loss. Not so fond of Kirsty, whether it's just she doesn't speak up but I can't tell a word she says most of the time. She never used to be like this.
The World Today posted:
five News is a shadow of its former self.

Yes - Its better now!

I was thinking the complete opposite !!!

The programme is a lot more tabloid - focussed, and the studio is awful. The only good thing is Kirsty Young !

I have to agree. The American style Sky have given it really doesn't do a lot for it. The lighting is terrible - all of the presenters always look so pale, and although the studio design is alright, the colours are vile together. And I haven't even talked about the content...

I don't understand this idea that Sky seem to have that American = better. And I'm not being snobbish, but why we just can't keep our own British style that we've had for years is beyond me.
benjy is right. The style of British TV presentation is much better than the fake American style of "TV presentation", if you can call it that. I don't totally agree with newscasters standing up, which 5 News revolutionised.
Charlie Stayt is a brilliant newsreader. Like other people has said here on the 'Stayt' thread, it seemed likely he would transfer over to ITV's News Channel when ITN unfortunately lost the Five news contract.
Sky has taken five news from a reliable and friendly service and taken it for the worse.
I am suprised at that, but looking at it, the lunchtime news on five isnt exactly hard core journalism, but instead more consumer based. ie how much weight can you loose in a couple of weeks.

charlie fronted the channels 9/11 coverage and I rated him quiet highly, i thought maybe he was above five and could end up on the big channels where a bigger audience could see him.

he could be good on gmtv.
I know this may not be relevant but how old is Charlie Stayt exactly
Neil__ Granada North West Today
maximus posted:
I know this may not be relevant but how old is Charlie Stayt exactly

This BBC page from December 2000 states that he was 38 then, so presumably 42 or possibly 43 depending on when his birthday is.

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