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Yes, as I mentioned earlier the forums on their site in the early days used to get people commenting on programmes on their local 'Channel 4' partly because it was .com therefore must be American

All 5 main channels were .co.uk originally (well if you go back far enough, the BBC weren’t*) but now only the BBC is, at least primarily.

*originly www.bbcnc.org.uk.

The bbcnc.org.uk was an early ISP (BBC Networking Club) which a few programmes, notably Points of View, used for email before bbc.co.uk became available. I'm not sure that it hosted programme websites?

https://web.archive.org/web/19950301190227/http://www.bbcnc.org.uk/ is from 1995.

Back on topic, this is from Channel 4 from 1998 - https://web.archive.org/web/19980212114649/http://www.channel4.co.uk:80/ - although it launched several years earlier, before the abandonment of the coloured blocks. Can’t find a vintage Channel 4 News site. Not sure when that launched.
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Oh deary me Kristhan Guru Murthy. Laughing

He just had a blunder reading the autocue about The Champions Cup Final between Leinster vs Racing 92.
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Sad to see after so long at C4 that Jon Snow has been forced to take a pay cut

One cannot be forced to take a voluntary pay cut.

What world are you living in? Many people are boxed into a corner such that it would be in their best interest to make a decision. Just because something is "voluntary" doesn't always mean everyone has had complete free will! I can't comment on the Jon Snow story because I am not privy to the facts - he may well have actually genuinely volunteered for it off his own bat. But there are a lot of people who are made to "volunteer" for things in the world of employment, believe me.
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What world are you living in?

The one were the article says he took a voluntary pay cut and says nothing about him being forced to do so.

I can't comment on the Jon Snow story because I am not privy to the facts

Edit: oops, no you didn't, my mistake.

In any case, I was not commenting on the general situation. I was commenting on the Jon Snow story.
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Jon Snow anchoring tonight's programme from Trafalgar Square at the Trump protests. I think there's a runner doing a good job of making sure none of the placards in the background are sweary. (Others in VTs were blurred)