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Who could credibly replace ITN?

Well Sky are the obvious favourite, being the only other major UK news broadcaster (unless the BBC would be in the running which I doubt)

I reckon if it happens Al Jazeera will give it a go. Definitely a credible provider as they're very well resourced both globally and in the UK, and their plans for a UK orientated channel disappeared so do have some overlap capacity to do it.

The news agencies such as Reuters would be 'credible' but have little in the way of production resources to make a programme.

I'm sure there's a few independent production companies that could do it though they'd need to buy in footage, there's a danger they'd just be turning round agency copy

Would C4's "publisher broadcaster" model prevent it from producing its own news?
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Channel 4 and Sky have collaborated on Leader's debates in the past of course. But the possible take over of Sky by Fox, may not make it an acceptable choice for providing a public service requirement regarding News.
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CBS/Ten Network could be a replacement.

Speechless. Why do you think this?

It was a joke. I can't see how an Austro-American tieup would be given a licence to operate a British news bulletin. Apart from the cultural and journalistic differences (shortness of news reports). There'd be concerns from OFCOM regarding foreign control. Smile