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Nooze110 posts since 13 Mar 2007
No, usually it's a longer bulletin than it was today on Saturday and Sunday.... tends to be 30 minutes, although it does vary. They're usually at least 15 minutes. Often 6:30 or 6:45 on Saturday and 7:30 on Sunday.
Londoner7,235 posts since 4 Jan 2003
From Channel4News on Twitter

And if you thought Krishnan's current touch screen was impressive wait until you see the updated version..touch of class....literally!! lol
Brekkie31,961 posts since 4 Jan 2003
I notice for the last few weeks (and the next few) the Friday edition seems to be a full 55-minute episode again, rather than just 30 minutes which it has been for a number of years now (since the Saturday episode was introduced I think).

Anyone know then if this is a permanent move, or whether it's just temporary until something comes along to fill the 7.30pm slot.
roo2,253 posts since 6 Aug 2003
I am a little bit in love with C4N - it has the ability to maintain my faith in TV on a nightly basis. Often it's just down to little moments like a few months back during the whole Heather Mills divorce bore, the complete contempt they showed for the merit of the story was refreshing, often introducing pieces with lines like "In the spirit of if you can't beat them join them, Channel 4 News has been at the High Court..."

Its agenda is generally spot on, it covers lighter stories in a gloriously dismissive way, and I certainly hope its integrity is not threatened anytime soon.
Londoner7,235 posts since 4 Jan 2003
Power issues at Gray's Inn Road - from Twitter:

"Saturday morning and near-empty newsroom is lit by a dozen Ikea-circa-1996-style up-lights. Power issues, we think, rather than a makeover."
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Haha! Well done Krishnan, he handled that brilliantly.

ITN don't seem to have much luck with the fire alarms going off at lunchtime do they? Although it usually affects the ITV Lunchtime News.