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CGTN HD - China state news broadcaster

Satellite Test for UK/Ireland Audiences (February 2019)

bkman1990 UTV Newsline
I just found an asian news channel testing in HD after doing a rescan. It is called CGTN HD.

Here are some details.

SID: 53151

Frequency: 11226

Symbol Rate: 23000

Polarisation: Vertical

The picture on it look's fantastic. The channel is in the English language.

12 days later

Justin World News
A very informative documentary by Al Jazeera English which lays out how CCTV and CGTN are used by the Chinese Government to show forced confessions, made under duress.
New Zealand isn't that far away!
james-2001 Central (East) East Midlands Today
Just like Press TV, then.
ABC Australia
Just like Press TV, then.

tell me about it. Not the most pleasant place to work at

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