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CBSN LOCAL - New York channel has launched

CBS plans to launch local news channels based on CBSN in the US (August 2018)

NYTV (previously asnycBBC) London World News
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WCBS launched something similar to this - CBS New York Plus - on digital subchannel 2.2 back in 2011, but it lasted less than three years.

New York has no shortage of 24-hour local news - NY1, News 12 and Fios1 depending on your area and TV provider - plus of course the trusty old WCBS and WINS on the radio. The only real change in the landscape that could make this second attempt more viable is the increase in smart TVs and similar.

WNBC-TV also had a digital service on its 4.4 subchannel from 2008-2014 named "WNBC 4.4", which retan newscasts and additional content. The 4.4 subchannel would later be retooled as a lifestyle / news hybrid channel named "New York Nonstop" in 2009 (with regional "NBC Nonstop" channels in Miami, Chicago, Philadelphia, Dallas, and Washington DC. The California-based owned stations KNBC Los Angeles, KNSD San Diego and KNTV San Jose teamed up for a statewide "Nonstop" channel) and moved it to 4.2 (replacing NBC Plus after NBC Weather Plus was closed down after NBC acquired The Weather Channel)before NBC Universal created a digital network dedicated to reruns called Cozi TV in 2013
Formerly knows as "asnycBBC"
NYTV (previously asnycBBC) London World News
Another look at the launch of CBSN New York with some information about the national CBSN viewership
According to data released by CBS, CBSN has seen 30 percent year over year growth in average monthly viewers.
September 2018 was the network’s second most watched month to date, following November 2016.
Nearly 80 percent of CBSN viewers are between the ages of 18 and 49, with an average age of 38.

CBSN New York is a partnership between CBS Interactive and CBS Television Stations.
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Formerly knows as "asnycBBC"
With all the trouble CNN has had formatting HLN in in past few years since they foolishy dropped the traditional Headline News seems like there was still an opportunity for a headline service with a mix of news. They abdicated this format to CBSN. CNN really dropped the ball on this big. Plus CNN its self is firmly in 3rd place behind MSNBC. CBSN has figured a cost effective model that works and hopefully this LOCAL expansion is successful. You'd have to think though that a local version cant work in each market. But it will be interesting to see how these LOCAL channels are rolled out with LA being the next to launch in the new year.

This should have carried on and never ended. Boneheaded decision to change it.
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