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CBSN seems to be really struggling as a result of the issues at the CBS broadcast center. They've been stimulating various local CBSN channels for days now.

Not sure why they haven't been able to get a normal service on air from a backup location - and also not sure why it's still an issue when CBS This Morning was back on air from the studio next door to CBSN's today.

Fair play to CBS, they are still operating in a limited capacity. It’s been reported that both CBS and NBC told staff to work remotely.

Yeah, they’re doing social distancing at most stations. Field reporters are not allowed inside and have to meet the crews outside the station or at the live shot. Some stations are preempting sports (not much to report) and weather is being done remotely thanks to VPNs and Remote Desktops. One station has requested their sports anchor to quarantine so he will be healthy in case local anchors or reporters get sick.
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CBSN Chicago which was due to launch this month is still planned to go on air. But may be delayed due to COVID19. The Chicago CBS O&O is the largest market still not to have launched a local version of the CBSN branded streaming channels.
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