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The show now has a website ahead of the launch tomorrow morning,


More of the set backdrop seen in the promo shots here,


They also ran a full page ad in this mornings New York Times,

fodg091,363 posts since 24 Jul 2007
A behind the scenes look at the new set,


I am still not quite sure what to make of it to be honest, the brick effect is something I am never too sure about.

Interesting that they say it was too expensive to knock the wall down so that the show could have a view of the new newsroom.

Having the green room as part of the set is quite a nice touch though.

The shows opening (the 'Eye-Opener) features an 90 second look back at the main stories of the last 24 hours or so - including clips from Fox News, MSNBC, Press TV and Sky News to name a few.

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There are quite a few videos from the first show on the website. From what I've seen of it I'd say that, apart from the set, it's still closer to the traditional US breakfast TV format than it is to Morning Joe - certainly more so than I was expecting.

The thing with Morning Joe is that it's very fluid - much more of an ongoing conversation with lots of people round the table and different guests dropping in at different points. CBS This Morning, on the other hand, still feels like a succession of different reports and interviews.

But fair play to them for trying to do things a bit differently. The Early Show was always a poor relation to Today and Good Morning America - so they don't have that much to lose.
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Having watched a few of the videos, and the first TOTH on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=auL0HnHVx7I, a couple of thoughts.

Firstly, not too sure about the 'Eye Opener' thing at the TOTH. Surely viewers tune in at 7am expecting a punchy look at the headlines, followed by a top story, rather than 90 seconds of largely un-narrated clips from various other news organisations. And CBS are employing an interesting logic by opening their breakfast show with images and video of a whole load of news programmes and anchors from other networks.

Certainly a different approach.

Secondly, not too sure about Charlie Rose as a breakfast show anchor. Of course, I realise CBS are going down the 'hard news' approach but he comes across as a little 'above' the lighter side of the programme.

Thirdly, I presume the famous world map from Walter Cronkite's Evening News set has been displaced from the current CBS Evening News set?
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Thirdly, I presume the famous world map from Walter Cronkite's Evening News set has been displaced from the current CBS Evening News set?

EN still have their map, their's is a replica.

The music has changed as has the basic aston design!
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From what I saw, I thought it was very promising. I never found morning television to be very exciting, as it's always in line with the format of entertainment and lighter fare that the Today Show pioneered. CBS isn't going to get viewers by doing a copy of that, so it's a good move for them to do something that hasn't really been done in that timeslot before. I really like the harder approach to news, and I've been waiting for the time when news would be emphasized in morning television in this country again. I found the second hour to be more palatable than the more traditional format of musical performances and cooking segments. I'd say it's a more understated look at popular culture than anything. I wasn't too sure about the presenters when they were first announced months ago, and I'm still not sold on them. They all perform well individually but I'm not sure if they work well as a group.

I really appreciate that for once, there's a morning program on that doesn't feel like it's an insult to my intelligence, and I think it's promising.
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From what I've seen on you tube, and it's not much, it's a nice direction, especially focussing more on hard news, especially if it's not provided by other networks currently. I'm a bit dubious of the set at the moment, is it homely, or is it overly cluttered that may make it feel old in months to come. I love the central island used, and the green room on set reminds me of Channel 4's RI:SE mk2.

I've not seen many clips, but what is the fuss over 'morning joe' and it's differing format?
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I've not seen many clips, but what is the fuss over 'morning joe' and it's differing format?

CBS hired away the producer of Morning Joe from MSNBC to develop a replacement for the Early Show. They also tried very hard to court away its presenters, Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, whose contracts were up for renewal at the same time, but they both re-signed with MSNBC instead. Since they were developed by the same guy, the two shows obviously share many similarities, considering their conversational tone and the positioning of the presenters facing each other. From what I've seen so far, CBS This Morning doesn't have as much discussion with Morning Joe, as the latter has a very fluid feel with sometimes up to seven different presenters/guests all having long conversations about a story. Still, they're similar enough that they're both running competing ad campaigns against each other in the Wall Street Journal.