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American,Canadian Network & Affilate Set Designs (February 2014)

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You copied that from the AJAM thread basically.

Well I didnt. Thank You. Rolling Eyes Cant help someone may have used the same picture.
bilky asko
Since you asked (before you edited your post), here's the link to the post about it in the relevant thread:

see here ……..

08-Jul-2014 @ 16:42
Thanks for your help.
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I can't visit that website without listening to the OTT FOX Affiliate News Theme, with air guitar at the ready.
CTV - Ottawa
Possibly one last stations to go HD in North America. The CTV Ottawa Affiliate finally went HD.

CTV didnt pick a custom set. This is designed as a stock set with "off the shelf" sections. Makes sense as the Canadian tv market is currently in a "frugal" mode. The results nonetheless look good in my opinion. The desk is a CTV design tradmark.

Here is the time lapse.
the Canadian tv market is currently in a "frugal" mode.

They only have themselves to blame for making things worse because the private broadcasters spent most of their money on US TV shows and sports right in hopes of increasing ratings. Plus, the three major cable and satellite companies spent so much buying up almost the entire private market in the last few years. You can blame the shift from TV to online for their frugality only up to a certain point. As for the CBC, they lost the right to receive any revenue from ads during hockey games for several years (and that's a lot of money) because one of the private companies outbid the CBC on the rights.
Since it's been mentioned, the loss of Hockey on CBC is just the most awful thing, culturally. I know they have 4 years more but it's going to be a Rogers production and it won't be anywhere near as good.
Really sad whats happening with CDN broadcasting market. On one hand today there are true clearly defined national networks. I remember before GLOBAL and CITY formed into its current forms. It was so confusing pre-GLOBAL. The indie station branding whilst being affiliated programming....hard to explain. Very confusing time. Though i hate the current mess that is CITY (or formerly Citytv). A true pioneer of tv was systematically destroyed by ROGERS.

Though I totally agree that the CDN networks have spent too much on US programming, that usually fails to deliver ratings. Good thing the CRTC rules about Canadian content percentage and the subsim rule. I guess that helps. Would be nice to see more Canadian produced shows. I really liked Flashpoint. Great show. Need to sell more stuff down south. With all these channels gotta be an appetite for fresh content. Plus we are culturally similar its not a stretch. Though I dont like the "masking" of the Canadian identity, like Flashpoint did.
(Hate it we dont get Big Brother CDN, but they get ours. Stupid CBS)

Anyway off-topic rant over.
New set for KTMD - Telemundo Houston.
There are some interesting elements to this set. Its small and bit on the dark side. But dont know why I kinda like it. Not seen that circular header on a local channel in the new sets that have been coming out recently. Probably designed by Sabca Designs, the spanish speaking channels usually hire this outfit.
WSVN 7 - Newsplex changes coming?
Rumours abound that WSVN might be updating the OTT Newsplex. Sources indicate that updates might duplicate the changes made at sister station WHDH Boston. Changes included a new darker red header and the removal of the multi-screen backdrop to a videowall. Hopefully they wont remove the neon. Its not Miami and not WSVN without a bit of flashy neon. Razz
WSVN - Miami
WHDH - Boston - Currently (Lighter and brighter)
WHDH - Boston - Before (Blue)
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Hope that the WSVN set changes won't happen.
Update. The new elements of the WHDH set are more dynamic that first thought. The "duratrans" in the offices in the mezzanine area above the newsroom are actually huge LCD screens. So they added more movement there along with the massive video wall on the balcony. The video wall with the clouds on it, is changed to a multiscreen background, mimicking the previous look, but its versatile for other uses, like the clouds for the morning newscasts. The white columns change colors. Including the white "duratrans" element to the right of the newsdesk. These elements are blue during the evening and night time newscasts.

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