The Newsroom

Carrie Gracie

(August 2006)

I know not everyone is a fan, but I rate Carrie Gracie very highly. She did an excellent Hardtalk with the French Foreign Minister last night and today mixes serious and ligh-hearted perfectly on News 24. Anyone know if it's her preference to do so few News24 shifts?
I think it must be her preferance to limit her appearances on News 24, although she has been raising her profile more recently, more appearances on cover shifts, and she also has 2 scheduled shifts on a Friday now.
Long may it continue! Especially with so many random appearances by anyone and everyone at the moment!
She did an interesting piece on From Our Own Correspondent on R4 last week, on how she and her Chinese husband took their children to China to go to school for a term. They wanted them to improve their Chinese, and learn more about the culture.

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