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C4 wants to replace Sky News as 2015 election debate host

C4 arguing it should take over from Sky News in the roster (January 2013)

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Jon posted:
JK08 posted:
I am sorry for bringing up and old thread, although just reading down the pages again, I wondered. If Channel 4 were given a debate, without taking Sky's, what would happen to their 'Ask the Chancellor' debate? Would it be given to another broadcaster? Channel 5?

I don't imagine it was the case Channel 4 were offered that debate. I imagine they instigated it themselves.

Indeed the Daily Politics did a number of similar debates too on various policy areas with the Ministers and their Lib Dem/ Con opposition. I'm fairly sure that they also had a Chancellor debate.
Sky covers the Election night. Channel 4 doesn't. Therefore Sky should broadcast an election debate rather than Ch4.

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