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thegeek posted:
BBC WORLD posted:
Kinda put me off wanting to go to the plane...........
Ah, law of averages and all that, you'll be fine..
Yes these planes have a very good record, this happened because of severe weather conditions and not the plane.
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p_c_u_k posted:
OMG - who is that cretin who just said to a crash survivor: "Well, welcome to Canada"? It was on Sky, so I'm assuming it was someone from Fox.

It was Tom Mark from CTV News. He has actually been doing a great job.
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News 48 posted:
Both American and Canadian networks are covering this story quite well. The story about the CBC cameraman is false. I live in Canada and the CBC havn't shown anything.

Actually it's true... CBC (along with Global who bought the footage from CBC) showed footage of the plane in flames on the ground. The photographer was filming the "red alert" Pearson INternational Airport was under (meaning there was a severe thunderstorm and all flights were under this warning).
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News 48 posted:
p_c_u_k posted:
OMG - who is that cretin who just said to a crash survivor: "Well, welcome to Canada"? It was on Sky, so I'm assuming it was someone from Fox.

It was Tom Mark from CTV News. He has actually been doing a great job.

It's Tom Clark actually.
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Embarassed #1
Embarassed #2

But he was doing a GREAT job. I'd like to see some pix from the UK. Did they show as breaking news or just a story? Who were the anchors on News 24? BTW, I was watching CTV and they were not showing the CBC pictures until later.
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p_c_u_k posted:
I can't understand why the BBC don't just show CBC live. When I was in Canada CBC showed endless amounts of BBC reports on their 6pm news on their main channel, and show the world news on their news channel at the same time. Surely the BBC could get a feed of the CBC's 24 news channel. Or are they too proud to do it, thinking they can do a better job?

CBC have a deal with BBC World to take one news bulletin a day live on their Newsworld Channel. They also have a deal I believe, to lift other reports and breaking news coverage as and when. In the end, the BBC did take a certain amount of coverage from the CBC didn't they?

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BBC World were late in breaking the story to Antz, it was around 2040GMT when i first heard of this on Sky News, then I flicked to BBC World and it was WBR and on CNN we saw the coverage of this.

At the end of WBR on World Dharshini broke the news (very professionaly might I add) she gave us a quick brief of what the situation is and to stay with World for more at the top of the hour. And ever since now on BBC World its been all about this.

WBR is a difficult programme for BBC World to break into as I've explained a few times before on the forum (though not for a long time, so I'll go through it again!) For many many years, the live programme at 2030gmt is recorded in Singapore and repeated regionally (3 times I think) across Asia through their peak breakfast period (our middle-of-the-night). If the programme gets interrupted at 2030g, then it causes huge problems for rebuilding the Asia peak schedule. What can sometimes happen when there is a large breaking story is that the programme is made by the World News studio at 2030 but not transmitted live and World joins News 24 for rolling news coverage. Asia then record the 2230 showing of the prerecorded WBR.

Things may have changed recently though - because World's playout is now handled in a more flexible manner - they may well be able to transmit WBR (from World's studio) on the Asian feed while splitting the North American and European feeds to carry rolling news from News 24's studio. I don't know for sure about that though.

Blake Connolly posted:
Good use of the weather forcaster on News 24 talking about the conditions in Torronto in a split screen with the live pictures.

Yeah - it was a nice idea, but really didn't work at all, graphically. Because they stuck Isobel in a box on the left of the screen, all we could see of the Weather Generic starting screen was "BBC WEAT". Editorially though, a really nice idea, but not quite thought through. It would have been better to have got Isobel in the studio on a chair at the desk (I've seen this a few times before), but given that it was something like 52 minutes past an hour (can't remember which one), she was probably in the weather studio ready for a live forecast. The weather centre is a long way from the news studios!
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Why is it that broadcasters always refer to Airbus planes as simply 'Airbus'. That means nothing really considering the A318 holds about 100 passengers compared to the A340 which holds 300+. It really bugs me because you never here a Boeing plane referred to as just a 'Boeing', you always get 737 etc. Another incorrect term banded around is calling Airbus planes something like 'A340 Airbus' when it is infact called the 'Airbus A340'. Once again, you would never here a Boeing plane called a '737 Boeing' would you?

It may seem a bit geeky, but considering Airbus is the worlds largest producer of commercial planes, you would think the broadcasters would take the time to get the plane types correct considering they always manage to do it correctly for Boeings!
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josh205 posted:

Looks alot like ITV News Channels current look doesnt it! Exclamation

It looks alot better than the ITV News look at the moment perhaps anyone at ITN reading this should make a few phone calls to try and get hold of it