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m_in_m1,675 posts since 22 Apr 2006
Anglia (East) Look East
An actual TV programme on actual TV will surely need higher production values than a podcast that is filmed. Therefore surely there will be hardly any saving compared to This Week (which is hardly high budget)

They might just use the existing cameras in many of the studios. Clearly presenters, guests and most of the production team are already in place so little additional cost compared to presumably This Week.

I do hope it doesn't change the essence and feel of the programme though and that this doesn't hinder their ability to rabbit on without a fixed timeslot for the podcast.
noggin14,603 posts since 26 Jun 2001
It's already shown on BBC News Channel on weekends isn't it? I'm sure I seen it on a Saturday afternoon few weeks ago.

I wonder if this will be a live show from Millbank (with as many of them as possible in the studio or in contribution studios) of them making the podcast live - or a PSC shoot/edit of the weekly edited podcast as now shown on the News Channel - or something in between?
mdtauk6,334 posts since 4 Jan 2003
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The format as a podcast is superb. I can't see it working trying to transpose it to TV. Quite why the BBC cancelled This Week is somewhat of a conundrum to me.

Andrew Neil wanted the show moved to 7:30 pm and they said no. So he quit, and they decided to end the show.

I am guessing they saw Brexitcast's setup as a fine replacement.