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They always have their scheduled time brexitcast, as well as the emergency ones.

I guess now it's televised the main ones serve both audiences.

But the TV one should cover things that happened after the last emergency one
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I've just given this a whirl and I really don't like it. It's a bit chaotic and unpolished. The reflections in the glass are quite distracting; seeing various people sat there squirming, fidgeting and drinking while they're not on camera isn't great. Something just doesn't work for me. I tolerated it for a while before ultimately switching it off.

I'm sure a load of you will jump in and say I'm missing the point and that's what it's all about. I get that, but it's not my cup of tea. I would prefer something actually made for television with proper production standards. Putting the radio on television seems wrong somehow. Almost like I'm spying on them and shouldn't really be there.

I can say nothing but ditto. It’s a fantastic podcast - sticking cameras on it doesn’t make it good TV.
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Brexitcast's final show is next Thursday 30th January. The team are staying on as Politics Cast which will keep the late night Thursday night BBC1 political slot after QT.

I think this is unwise timing.

It has been widely reported that the Government would prefer no further references to 'Brexit' come February so as to project a perception that they've "got Brexit done", despite the negotiations on the future relationship—at the heart of Brexitcast discussions from the start—only beginning in February.

Dropping 'Brexit' from the programme name at the exact moment the government wants people to stop using the word feels... icky.
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I had that thought initially when I read the Radio Today article and I don't necessarily disagree with your argument. However, I think this is a 'natural' progression for the show.

While Brexit will still be a major story this year (particularly if the negotiations about the UK's future relationship with the EU get 'testy'), it probably won't dominate the headlines on a daily/weekly basis like it has over the last few years. As such, it'll probably be 'awkward' having a political program titled 'Brexitcast' yet most of the discussion which the panel has is related to general political matters/issues rather than being Brexit-specific
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