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I'm not sure how I feel about this. I love Brexitcast and never miss an episode but I always feel there are things they get away with more because it's a podcast. It feels more like an exclusive club, and I'm not sure how that'll translate to TV full time.

Having said that - just to completely contradict myself - This Week feels a bit like that too.
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Can I take a moment to gloat? Called it four months ago! Wink

Completely uninformed speculation alert: I wouldn't be too shocked to see a TV version of Brexitcast (presumably renamed!) filling the gap. It's a broadly tonally similar production (but perhaps with more enthusiasm and less cynicism) which skews significantly younger. The Politics Live "takeovers" show that there's some desire to try it out on TV.
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Worth noting that Chris and Adam from Brexitcast did the Euro Election special on R4 and 5 Live recently with inserts from Katya and Laura. A possible dummy run for them covering By-Election specials currently done under the This Week brand?